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Home Therapy


If you purchase the office version of the Computer Aided Vision Therapy Suite or any of the individual modules, Home Computer Disks (HTDís) can also be purchased for your patientís use. Home computer therapy can be an excellent supplement to any office therapy program. Patient motivation is high since most young people and even adults like to be challenged by a computer. Compliance is strong since the patient is motivated. And most importantly, compliance can be easily monitored since the patient will be returning to your office with detailed printouts of each home therapy session. The printout for each procedure includes the settings for the control parameters for the procedure, patient results and statistics, and the amount of time spent practicing each procedure.


Can I make copies of the office version of the software to give to my patients?
NO. The software is licensed for your use only. The software must be registered before it will run. But, you can buy inexpensive Home Therapy Disks for your patients. The HTDís are the exact same version of the program that you will be using in office. The only difference is that the HTDís will only run for 125 times.


Can I sell the Home Therapy Disks to my patients?
Yes, you may resell the Home Therapy Disks to your patients or students.


Will my patientís have to register the Home Therapy Disk like the office version?
No, the Home Therapy Disks use a key, floppy disk to unlock the program after it is installed.


What if my patientís computer does not have a floppy disk drive?
Email registration options are also available for the Home Therapy Disks.


What happens if my patient has trouble installing the software on their home computers?
There is an E-Mail Help address that patients can contact if they have problems. There is no charge for this service.


If I purchase the CAVT Suite, are all four home therapy programs also one disk?
No. Each of the four home therapy modules must be purchased separately.


Can I purchase Home Therapy Disks without buying the Office Version? No, you must be a registered owner of the office version before you can purchase Home Therapy Disks. If, for example, you only purchased the Track & Read module, you can only purchase the T&R Home Therapy Disks.


For Home Therapy Disk pricing information Click Here, or contact Bernell at 1-800-348-2225